"Winter" painting along the Pacific Coast Highway, 2012.

"Winter" painting along the Pacific Coast Highway, 2012.


MIKE DUTTON is an illustrator living in the Bay Area, California. He is best known for his work as a Google Doodler, having created over two hundred doodles in the form of illustrations, animations, and interactive experiences. There was also that silent film acting gig... In addition to doodling, Mike has created artwork for video games, kids publishing, and comics. He is now an illustrator at YouTube, which, yes, has involved drawing cats. Currently, he is working on his second picture book, Food Truck Fest, written by Alexandra Penfold for FSG/MacMillan.

For all things Kidlit, Mike is happy to be represented by Marietta Zacker of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency

When Mike is not illustrating, he is either painting outdoors, going on adventures with his wife and two young boys in their truck camper, or doing on-site "research" for the food truck book. He doesn't post food pics, but you can follow his Instagram for everything else.

Lectures and Workshops

Mike enjoys sharing his adventures in art as much as he enjoys being on them. He has met with students, children, educators, designers, and all-around good people to share his story and process. Here is a partial list of past engagements:

National Art Education Association conference, 2011

SFMoMA, Doodle4Google Exhibition, 2011

SFMoMA Artists Gallery, Workshop

Ignite Talks Oakland, Adventures in Doodling

CCA - Guest Instructor/Lecturer

Doodle4Google Ireland 2011, Award Ceremony Co-Host

Doodle4Google USA 2011-2014, Workshop

TechTalks at Google, like TedTalks but geekier

YouTube UX Landscape Workshop

If you have a speaking engagement or workshop idea in mind and think Mike would be a good fit for it, he'd love to hear from you! He promises to respond in the first-person.

Selected Press

People :: Dian Fossey Google Doodle Explained

Wall Street Journal :: The Story Behind Google's Charlie Chaplin Doodle

Forbes :: Mike Dutton on Honoring Percy Julian and Other Scientists, Civil Rights Leaders

Washington Post :: Profile by Michael Cavna

Washington Post :: How Mike Dutton Overlapped Artistry + Concept for John Venn Doodle

Chicago Tribune :: Drawing Insight into Google's Doodles (Tribune subscription required)

SF Chronicle :: Doodlers Humanize Technology with Art

Publisher's Weekly :: Review, Donovan's Big Day

Oakland Tribune :: Berkeley Artist Draws from Experience





email: mike@duttonart.net