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Winterwalk SF

If you’re around San Francisco for the holidays and find yourself downtown in Union Square, you may see a short (but hard to miss) piece of animation my brother David Dutton and I put together. I’ve posted a few stills here but hopefully I’ll have a chance to put the whole thing up later on. If you're a hashtagger, use #WinterWalkSF in your Instagrams and/or Twitters. I'd love to know you if get a chance to see it!



Fort Bragg, CA



Yay for Venn diagrams!

Engineering partner, Corrie Scalisi and I had a lot of fun on our "summer project" building an interactive doodle celebrating logician and philosopher John Venn in the form of animated Venn diagrams. There's a full write up on the process over at the Google Doodles blog

I've had an absolute blast learning AfterEffects and putting it to work on an actual doodle (bye bye Flash!!....mostly). Here are some animated gifs from the doodle. Make a Venn diagram to see more!

Tagteam animation (Sophia Foster-Dimino on the rotating guitar, and me on Chris Hadfield)!


Lovers Leap

Spent Memorial Day Weekend at Lovers Leap, near Lake Tahoe. With all its sheer majesty and splendor, I'm a little disappointed in myself for squeezing out a five-minute thumbnail, but it still does a nice job of summing up a perfect weekend.


Ignite Oakland

A few weeks ago, I gave an Ignite Talk in Oakland. For anyone not familiar with the format, an Ignite Talk is made up of several speakers. Each speacker has five minutes to talk about any given subject they're passionate about, along with a slideshow of 20 images that auto-advance every 15 seconds. As if public speaking weren't tough enough on its own! Luckily, I've done a fair bit of public speaking as a Google Doodler, but this was the first time I had an opportunity to speak from a more personal standpoint.

Thanks, in advance, for taking a look!

Mike Dutton: Adventures In Doodling from Ignite Oakland on Vimeo.