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Look Harder

For Salinger, "...a bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses"


JD Salinger


No, this has nothing to do with those books or those movies... but I'm all for the little boost in web traffic the title may attract, especially after such a long hiatus in my posting. Actually, it's the title of an Elliott Smith tune that used to be in heavy rotation on my iPod some years ago. It managed to resurface this weekend, and I thought of its lyrics while spacing out at Dillon Beach, half-attempting to keep up with the sky's constantly shifting palette in this sketch... which I eventually gave up on, thus that particular line from the song at the bottom of the page.

I suppose I should confess to avoiding a couple other things besides sunsets -which, actually, I did watch, and it was all fiery red and perfect. Things like this blog and my comic. It's probably not advisable in a professional sense to admit such neglect (since this blog serves a primary/secondary purpose as my portfolio - that is, a solicitation of my professional creative services), but I think it's more important to be honest with those of you who have been following me here for some time rather than those who just happened to stop by (no offense to fans of that other thing who popped in by accident).

I've been busy, but I've also been distracted... but I'm moving on and you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the near future. Things are cookin', gnome sang? Thanks for checking in from time to time anyway... or at least keeping me in your subscriptions list or what have you. It's a new decade, a new year, and soon, a new day.


Love is Like War

I'm really enjoying my brother's latest music video, and not just because my brother made it. It's really, really, cool. It's loaded with the coolness. I have to admit, the tune is pretty catchy as well... Also, the video has some of my artwork in the background (some of the framed pieces). Here's a still. Tell me if you recognize any of the portraits. There's a couple famous figures there:

Love is Like War

And here's the video. Watch it, share it, heart it.

Love is Like War "Enzyme Dynamite" from David Dutton on Vimeo.

Temple of Hephaistos

Alex and I took a one week trip to Greece last month. As you can see, it rained on us a little bit, but we still had a great time. This is a sneak peak at one of the sketchjournal pages I did while we were there. Here are the rest:


A Couple Art Videos

You've probably seen these posted on my webcomic, but just in case you haven't, my brother Dave shot and edited a couple videos featuring my stuff.

This first one is me working on a page of the comic, throughout the various stages - roughs, pencils, inking, and some digital coloring. It is beautifully filmed, and as I've quipped before, uncannily makes me look like I know what I'm doing.

One Swoop Fell - Never the Task at Hand from David Dutton on Vimeo.

The second one is an animation made up entirely of stuff from my sketchbooks over the past four years. Very fun to watch. It also features the music of my other brother, Henry.  I believe this is the first time all three of us have worked on a creative project together... at least since our childhood days, doing activity books and parody-style magazines (that were actually pretty funny, even now).

Cartoon Characters from David Dutton on Vimeo.