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Background paintings for the Maurice Sendak Google doodle. Fellow doodler, Jennifer Hom did a brilliant job leading the creative on this and doing all the heavy lifting, including the characters, animation, and the layouts and block-ins for these BGs. I was happy to do my small part and take the backgrounds to a finish.

I was even happier to use this opportunity to study Sendak’s work a little more closely. I originally planned to paint these backgrounds in watercolor, but due to the complexity of the project and the short timeline I had to work in, I opted for digital. Yet I still feel like I got to learn a thing or two about how he composed images and made sense out of the most amazing kinds of clutter, whether a dense jungle, buildings from the pantry, or the skeletal remains of a farmhouse ripe for a birthday parade.

Happy 85th birthday to a true master! You can see the fully animated tribute here:



Heart's Desire

A weekend sketch on Heart's Desire Beach along Point Reyes. It threatened to be gloomy and overcast, but the warm weather beat it out.


Doodleversary #3

Another one down! In no particular order, here's a look at just a few things I've doodled in the past year.

I worked with the Keith Haring estate to remember the late street/fine artist.

 A Fourth of July tribute and a special nod to Woody Guthrie on what would have been his 100th birthday ten days later.


Korean Thanksgiving, or Chuseok. It's a time for food but also a time to remember ancestors and loved ones. My grandmother had unexpectedly passed away that month, so I drew her and my grandfather here to remember them both in an uplifting way. 

I also did the Grandparents Day doodle for Poland. I channeled my inner child, using actual paper, scissors, and glue.

Speaking of old school, here's one for the Drive-In Theater: 

G is for Google graced by Gorey.


The anniversary of the Hartland Bridge. A few new visitors made their way to this sleepy town in New Brunswick.

Veterans Day 2012. A friend was talking to some of his co-workers and Google Doodles came up as a topic. He was really trying to drive home the point that doodlers – knowing one personally – work very hard... "like, nobody has any idea how hard these guys work." He is a Marine and Veteran. He must not be aware of how hard he has to work so that people like me get to sit around and draw all day. 

 Holiday, er, Christmas, er, Holiday doodle 2012...

Janosik, the Robin Hood of Slovakia.

Dia de las Velitas in Colombia.

The publishing of Moby Dick, an elusive white whale on a very accessible white Google homepage.

From a vast landscape waiting to be discovered...

...to a set of comfy pouffes waiting to be lounged upon.

I can list 42 reasons why this doodle needed to happen.

A fun cityscape in green for Saudi Arabia's national day.

Speaking of green, fancy a dance for St. Patrick's Day? See the animated version here!


The Lion Rampant sniffing the thistles on St. Andrew's Day in Scotland. 

So what's next? I'm framing up the next picture...

Thanks for looking! 


Some Recent Outdoor Sketches


bring your own cardboard...

... to the concrete slide at Codornices Park in Berkeley.

Took this to a finish more than I intended, since it's a study for a future illustration. Sometimes having fun can be a slippery slope.